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Review byGareth Thomas28/07/2008
A smart and elegant vodka bar in a spacious and grandiose setting.

The Venue
Newcastle has some fabulous buildings if you look around. Originally designed by Thomas Oliver as a hotel in 1899, Barclays took this grand stone building over in 1903 and turned it into a bank. Revolution has now turned it into a bar, again exceeding expectations by preserving all that's good about the space while creating an elegant interior.

Revolution is a chain specialising in vodka, but the main focus of this bar is the original features which include the highly ornately decorated turquoise and cream 30ft-high ceiling, massive arched windows and the imposing stone pillars on marble bases. The chrome-topped bar runs all the way along the right hand side and there’s booth seating facing it with brown leather and crushed velvet banquettes.

Behind that is a raised section with high stools and squat burnt orange chairs. There’s a small bar at the back too which is opened up when it gets really busy. DJs spin discs seven nights a week with a mix of hip-hop, funk, soul, US house, indie, rock, rare grooves and disco.

The People
Well-coiffeured girls and guys in crisp white shirts are to be seen here at all times of the day. It’s busy at lunch with the local working bods and attracts more cultured cocktail imbibers in the evenings and during out of office hours.

The Food and Drink
Boddington’s, Okocim, Guinness, Stella, Woodpecker, Hoegaarden and Stropramen are all on tap, but it’s the cocktails which Revolution are known for. They include a Fat Boy Pimms, Jammy Dodger and Del Boy, all for £4.95. A Russian Bride is Stolichnaya Vanilla with Teichenne coffee and chocolate liqueur with ice-cold milk and cream. Cocktail pitchers are £12.95.

Food ranges from soups and sandwiches to sharing plates and salads with burgers, breakfasts brunches and, wraps in between (like a roast chicken and ham wrap for £5.95). Mains include Hungarian goulash for £8.25 or a teryaki salmon fillet for £7.95. And for something sweet there’s a lemon tart for £3.75.

The Last Word
It’s hard not to be seduced by a place as grand as this. Revolution has done it again.
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