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20 Collingwood Street,

(0191) 260 3040

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Review byGareth Thomas28/07/2008
With its French-style nonchalance and stunning smoking area, Perdu is a sophisticated bar that's popular with all sorts.

The Venue
The first thing that hits you about Perdu is the darkness — you need a couple of minutes before your eyes adjust to the lack of light. Once they do you'll see a spacious, sophisticated, well-designed bar all done out in black, orange neon and metal. Framing the chrome-handled swing doors as you go in are luminous panels which change colour from turquoise to blue to green.

People are lolling about on a load of big cushions which are strewn around the raised platforms at the front. Porcupine lights hang above you with their tiny pinprick lights glowing at the end of every spine. And there are very elegant, almost fully enclosed, circular booths divided by curtains of metal beads with dimpled black banquettes and spotlights hitting the table. At the end of the room is another bar with hundreds of what look like little candles (in fact, they’re flickering electric bulbs) in glass pots on every surface.

You absolutely must visit the outside area at the back which is a narrow alleyway covered with a glass awning complete with chandeliers. There’s something enchanting about it, like an old Victorian railway station. There’s a small seating area and even the artificial grass which covers one of the benches looks great.

The People
Poseurs, ra-ras, sophisticats and regular herberts congregate here. It’s also been known to have been frequented by the odd sleb. Despite its chic decor it attracts a student crowd. They're not the pint swilling variety though, they're the rugby top-wearing Magners-drinking public schools boys and the elegantly scruffy fashionistas.

The Food and Drink
Heineken, Strongbow, Amstel and Guinness is on tap, and you've got a selection in bottles that includes Corona, Budweiser, Peroni, Magners, Sol, Tiger, San Miguel, Beck’s and Sabai (a pomegranate spritzer). Cocktails are £5.95 each and £6.95 for ‘serious’ cocktails including Lynchberg Lemonade which is Jack Daniels, Cointreau and lemon juice topped with lemonade. Champagne cocktails come out at £8.95 each and shooters are £2.50. There are five whites, three reds and three roses on the wine list and bottles range from £14.05 to £17.95 (or around £3.50 for a 175ml glass). A bottle of dry but fruity Finca Flitchman Malbec Syrah Mendoza Argentina is £15.95.

The Last Word
You can get lost in Perdu’s darkly enchanting world, especially after a couple of its delicious cocktails.
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