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Hotspur North,
Backworth Business Park,
Newcastle upon Tyne,
NE27 0FG

(0191) 268 0711

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We have visited this bar on many many occasions and whilst we have always found the service to be a little "quirky" it is now getting unpleasant. When we arrived there was only one table unoccupied and it was covered in dirty dishes - we sat down and waited for somebody to clear the table. This did not happen despite a couple of waiters wandering past (one who looked very busy and one who was looking a bit lost and unsure what he should be doing, so he seemed to have settled on nothing). After a few minutes I went to the bar and asked the duty manager to arrange to have the table cleared - he mentioned that they were very short staffed but he would get it done. Still nothing! Eventually (after another 5 minutes I would guess) we grabbed a passing waitress who grudgingly cleared the table but left the glasses. We had to ask her again to clear the glasses which she did but left half of them. So again we explained that those glasses were not ours and finally she cleared them away but only after glowering at me. For some incredible reason she seemed to think it was more important to clear an adjacent table that was now empty than it was to clear our table.

By this time our evening was already spoiled but feeling our options were limited we stayed anyway until informed that the main course that we had both chosen was not available - at that point we decided enough was enough and left. We spoke to the manager on the way out and he was superficially apologetic but I got the impression he couldn't care less - he kept making excuses about being short staffed and changing shifts - this is not an excuse and especially not when staff are wandering about aimlessly or clearing empty tables before ours!

Give The Pavilion a miss - go to Shiremoor Farm instead, same group but different world.
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Reviewer michief
I thought id found the perfect venue for me and the girls to meet on a regular basis for a few drinks and food if we felt in the mood. Lovely warm friendly relaxed atmosphere until now!

We have been on quite a few occasions and it seems to be going downhill. I’m not sure who they are catering for we went on Friday night which has been our worst experience yet. The music they had on was certainly not back ground or relaxing. If I’d wanted that kind of pub/music I could have gone to Newcastle.

We generally order a bottle of wine and one of the sharing platters – which has changed in size every time we have ordered it. From a slight over kill to very little this must be dependent on whom setting the board or what they have in at the time, surely it should be standard?

The service has always been prompt at the bar however the waiting staff sometimes leave a bit to be desired. Getting constantly asked if we have finished the board every 5 minutes, starts to get on your nerves. They need to learn the difference of good service and badgering. Also if they want to talk about people they should be discreet rather than turn round and stare it’s a sharing platter not a meal so it’s something we pick at as the night commences and we have more drinks.

The car park also leave a bit to be desired needs more lighting, also reading other reviews a taxi service that’s prompt where we always have our designated driver we have seen quite a few getting in their cars after a few too many. although this is not the pavillions fault they dont have the service there that might prevent it slightly.

Our driver got accosted in the car park when going to get her car by someone who had too much to drink and he and his friend for some reason need to compare cars. Has the atmosphere and the clientele gone down?
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Reviewer RonnieB
I actually haven't visited this place in a little while because the last time I was there, the bar was covered in filthy glasses and bottles and it wasn't even near closing time. While the food is fairly good I find the whole place lacking in real atmosphere; it doesn't seem to know what it wants to be, a bistro/bar, a restaurant or a food pub. It fails on all counts. It's in an open location with scope for a really nice garden area, but all that is provided are some basic benches without even a single umbrella in sight. Conversely, the lighting in the evening is akin to being in an airport departure lounge. Whoever is in charge is totally lacking in vision or imagination.
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Reviewer daniel77
we visited the pavillion on the 27/10/2010 for a birthday meal.The decor and bar were very nice however the food was an utter disappointment,i ordered the the 10 oz sirloin at £16.50 and when it arrived the steak was not how i ordered and was tasteless also it said it would be accompanied by hand cut chips which is the best description i have heard for frozen chips and the garlic butter was frozen.Told management and they were quick to refund however a birthday spoilt and the next day and the next day as i have not been off the toilet since,i would strongly recommend giving the pavillion a miss for food
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Reviewer slavik
Went for a meal on Saturday evening with a couple of friends. New menu looked impressive, nothing too overpriced.

My wife and I both ordered lamb rump. My wife is pregnant and as such shouldn't eat undercooked meat, so she asked for hers to be cooked medium-rare. A few minutes later the waitress returned with a message from the chef that the lamb would be 'coming out pink' and he wouldn't cook it any other way. She also mentioned that it was due to the mood he was in. I don't see what the problem was - it would have taken an extra 5 minutes to cook it the way my wife wanted. Anyway, she had to order something else from the menu.

If we were on our own I would have asked to see the manager or just left and gone elsewhere. The food was nice but the attitude of the chef was disgraceful - I think he's seen one too many episodes of Hell's Kitchen.
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Reviewer slavik
Slight correction to my review - my wife ordered the lamb to be cooked medium-well done.
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Reviewer slavik
This is the reply I got when I emailed SJF to complain. It still doesn't explain why the chef refuses to cook food the way a paying customer requests. I'm still not satisfied - I replied to this email but as yet no response:
Many Thanks for your email regarding your experience at The Pavilion.

I have taken the time to investigate your complaint and can conclude that the head chef was not made aware at the time of ordering that your wife was 8 months pregnant. Our head chef puts a lot of thought into the daily specials at the Pavilion and on this occasion was serving the lamb pink to ensure that the cut of meat was served at its best. He was however appalled to hear that we had refused your wife’s request given that she is pregnant and we will always make an exception under these circumstances. Our head chef was also disappointed that he had been portrayed as bad tempered as I can assure you that this is not the case. The kitchen staff at the Pavilion have a great working relationship with our front of house staff and are amongst the best in the company for their level headed approach to dealing with customer requests and complaints.

I would therefore like to offer my apologies for the shortcomings that you experienced on Saturday 1st May.

We hope to see you back at the Pavilion soon.

Kind Regards
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Reviewer pinkrose
However the Chef thinks a meat is 'best' cooked, pregnant or not, people should be allowed to make their own choice. Many people dislike pink meat regardless of what the Chef's say. It's a shame that customer service is suffering because of the arrogance of people preparing the food. If someone wants it burnt to a cinder and they enjoy it that way, they will go away happy. Isn't that the point of selling food?
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Been to the Pavilion for the first time tonight... 3 girls 5 bottles of wine and food. Great night, lovely decor, sometimes had a long wait to be served but in general, oak. However.... we ordered a taxi for 11.30. it came at 11.40, in the mean time the once pleasant barman turned into an arrogant rude person in front of our very eyes. He should have just said "right I've got your money, just leave". I will never return to this bar.
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Reviewer Robstime
We went on a busy Friday night, going specifically for a meal.
All four of us were happy with our main courses - plenty of meat, veg and all tasty and well-prepared. The menu familiar items but imaginative ways to serve them. Excellent.

Two of us had dessert and got very small portions, should be more.

Drinks at the bar - wide selection including Real ale, cocktails, wine menu and all the usual pints, bottles and spirits. Very good.

At closing time we found that the area is poorly served by taxis - and we had to stand outside in cold pouring rain! Also outside were some girls in scanty night-out clothes, they must have been freezing.
It was annoying that the Pav has a large porch with two sets of doors - they could have, with discretion, locked the inner doors and let us wait for taxis in shelter.
After all, we had all spent well that evening!

So, very good food and drink. Recommended. But you'll need luck at taxi-time.
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Reviewer Terry2027
This is in our opinion the most friendly, helpful and most comfortable bar we know. I base this on several years socialising throughout the North-east of England, for a bar to have no tv screens and no loud blasting music you would think the atmosphere would struggle- no chance. It is simply a bar where you can talk to others, chat with people you have never met before and know you are not going to worry about idiots swearing all the time when children are around.

We are locals, the whole area waited for The Pavilion to be built and we are all extremely happy with the service and the best staff bar none. Shaun, Andrea, Steve, Jason, Gareth. I could go on naming all the staff, all do their very best to make you feel welcome and nothing is a problem, nothing. I recently celebrated my 40th, I only wanted a quiet evening with a few friends due to a recent family loss, this idea was taken away by my better half and the Pav (as its known by locals) did the rest, all the staff were superb. I cannot recommend The Pavilion higher, its got to be the finest run bar I have known- well done to all the staff. A five star bar! Terry & Carol
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