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The Brandling Villa,
Haddricks Mill Road,
South Gosforth,
Newcastle upon Tyne,

(0191) 284 0490

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Reviewer Harriee
It's very strange that the reviews criticising this pub use exactly the same adjectives to describe it. You'd almost think they were being written by the same person
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Reviewer jillylarkins
Down right rude, nasty and arrogant lazy staff are the perfect compliment to the over priced drinks and expensive out of date food.

I agree with most of the other comments made about this bar. My meal was not edible as the meat was obviously out of date and smelt rancid. Despite this, the staff insisted it was fine, even though they declined to taste any themselves when I asked, instead walking away smirking to themselves.

When I asked to see the manager to complain about the food he told me he wanted paying for it even though it was not edible. He also threatened to call the police if I did not pay. This even though the plate containing the evidence had by this point been removed from my table.

I have never been treated so badly in any pub before. What makes these people think they have the right to treat paying customers the way they do?

Avoid this pub at all costs, unless you want to be insulted, ripped off, food poisoned and possibly even arrested for making reasonable complaints.
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Reviewer Baitman
Hi there, again. in answer to your question below: no I'm not implying that you keep posting bad reviews under different names; I am asserting it.
Try another one, but here's a tip - avoid using the word 'surly'.
You mentalist. - Report
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Reviewer LucyJ43
Went to the Brandling Villa as have always been impressed with their pie and sausage festivals, but have never been so disappointed with a Sunday Lunch.

Apart from the fact it might as well have been thrown at me by the surly bar staff girl, who seemed even more put out that we dared to ask for gravy, sauces or any kind of condiment, the contents of the roast had alot to be desired. The carrots were not cooked, and showed pure laziness by not peeling them. The swede mash was also undercooked, meat tough and yorkshire burnt.

Also had to sit there looking at our half full plates for a further 40mins after we'd finished, because rather than clear our plates the bar staff kept looking at them from a distance as if they may walk to the bar themselves.

Its a real shame as I have always been an admirer of the Villa and its love of ale, festivals and live music. Just think maybe if they made more effort on the daily food and service the pub could be even better.
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Reviewer devereux
Went once with a group of friends to try their food and much vaunted hospitality. Wouldn't go back.

Although I will say that the beers (real ales) were good and there was an excellent variety, the staff were surly and miserable, and infact just downright rude. It really wasn't acceptable.

The food was frankly awful. Average fish and chips, dry burgers, and crucially only about a quarter of the menu-if that- was actually available. So when we went to the bar to order, it was like pulling teeth and just got to the stage where we had to ask what we could have instead of actually choosing from a menu, like, you know, you would expect. Instead of receiving a friendly apology about this, we were treated as if we were being incredibly awkward and obstreperous.

Truly dire, and a really bad performance from a pub that should do so much better, and ironically seems to think it does.

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Reviewer bea77
Absolutely appalling. I've been to some dives in my time but its usually ok due to the staffs attitude - not here.

We were confronted with the most surly woman on the bar who seemed disgusted we might trouble her for a pint, most of which weren't even available. Her attitude didn't get any better when we tried to order food.. for a pub which prides itself on food, they didn't have any! the pies they are so famous for (apparently) didn't exist, and neither did anything else on the menu. only fish and chips, a gourmet burger and a shepherds pie, which was so full of gristle it had to be sent back.

Every single member of staff seemed devastated to be there and didn't mind taking it out on the customers. We aren't a bunch of knobs and tried incredibly hard to be sweet to the staff as many of us work in the service industry, but it was totally beyond a joke.

I'd like to say it was a one off but other friends who have been have given the same report. avoid! avoid!

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Reviewer Baitman
And yet you keep going back time and again to review it, albeit under different names each time. Did the Brandling Villa sleep with you and then not call? - Report
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Reviewer bea77
er, i've never been back, and frankly i never will..

Are you trying to imply that i'm some sort of serial bad reviewer. Unfortunately for you, i appear to be only one of many. As if i'd spend my time trolling a website that reviews pubs. I literally only reviewed it here cos i was so hugely disappointed with a pub which promises so much and delivers so little. - Report
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Reviewer ThumbelinaPM
Excellent pub, probably best in Gosforth and as another reviewer pointed out, no eejits (unlike those who visit the High Street).
Music is superb, food interesting (not superb but good for pub food) and yes the loos are awful I'm afraid. I realise it's a money thing but if you want to be seen as a "foodie" pub you gotta have decent clean-looking toilets. They are untouched and being honest, it would only take a lick of a light coloured paint and some door locks to improve them dramatically. Still a great pub though...
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Reviewer Haven78
Possibly the best pub in Newcastle. If you enjoy drinking down the Ouseburn, appreciate real ale, quality lagers, decent wine, live music and eating well-cooked local food; you won't be disappointed. Staff are friendly and there's a wide variety of age groups and generally no knobs. An amazing turn around in under a year. I am in no way connected to the management, i do realise this sounds like I'm after a free pint!
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Reviewer Baitman
Excellent pub. A wide variety of well kept ales and lagers on tap.
The staff seemed friendly and were knowledgeable about the drinks they were offering.

Some rather quirky events here recently, including a pie festival; it's nice to see someone making an effort in an out-of-town bar.
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