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1-3 Market Street,
Newcastle upon Tyne,

(0191) 232 6171

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The Godfather is a popular restaurant that offers a fantastic Italian menu including risotto, bruschetta and pasta. A pre theatre menu is also available.

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Opening Hours
Mon-Fri 12:00-14:30 & 17:00-22:30
Sat 12:00-22:30
Sun 12:00-20:30
Advisable on Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun
Not Necessary on Mon, Tue, Wed
Avg Food Spend
£20 - £30 per person
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Pre Theatre Menu
Drink Info
Wine from £11.95 per bottle
Children welcome - any time

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Wheelchair Access, NO Disabled Toilets

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Reviewer JoanneRodden
My husband and I have just returned from The Godfather having purchased a groupon voucher. When we came to pay for the meal,which consisted of two seafood pizzas and a bowl of chips, I produced the groupon voucher to be told I could not use it as we had not had a starter and the deal was for two starters and two main. I explained to the owner we did not have time for the starters and only wanted the pizzas which saved the restaurant money! He was rude and abrupt obviously has played this con on other customers and charged £28 for my meal refusing to take the voucher. Never will I go there again the food was awfull and the whole experience upsetting.
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Reviewer toffeeapple44
I went to this restaurant without looking at any reviews online first after I had bought a voucher. We were the only people in the restaurant because it was a very quiet week day with snow everywhere so hardly anyone was out! Staff were great and got us extra heaters when I mentioned I was a little cold! I had a paté starter and my boyfriend had the squid - no complaints from either of us! For the main I had white fish and my boyfriend a hot pizza. I can honestly say it was the best fish I have ever tasted! Thank you for a lovely meal and we will be back soon as we've just bought another voucher!!
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Reviewer Editr
worst place ever
My husband and me been many other places in many other countries,but this was the worst we have ever been.The food was barely eatable the service was ridiculous.The owner was forcing us to order more food as he is not a charity place,even though my 3 years old and my 7 year old was not hungry I had to order some food for them as well other ways he is refusing to serve us.
I think this is absolutely disgusting.The owner himself is the rudest person of them all.I would not mind a bad quality food ,but customer service simply not exist in this place.
We were asking some tomato sauce for the children,so they sent the waitress to the shop to buy some ketchup.It took more then half an hour to get the sauce.The place itself is cold and very tastless,with extremely poor quality furniture.the "decoration" absolutely tastless.The chairs are soooo dirty just as the whole place itself.
No toilet paper in the toilet.
We had to wait to be served for so long however the place was nearly empty.Probably because it took long to defrost the pizzas.
Top of all these we did not even get a proper till receipt.
All in all we had a very bad experience,and never ever return,and encourage all of my friends to go somewhere else.Even if they would offer a free meal I would not go there again.To be honest very expensive place as well in spite of that this is a horrible place to spend some time there.
When I went back home I had a frozen ristorante pizza,which was much better than this Godfather one
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Reviewer jools38
after having a very nice meal 2 months ago we decided to go back. Table booked almost 2 weeks before and we were really looking forward to it.
We arrived a few minuted before our due time of 2.30pm. There was approx 10 other diners already served. The manager greeted us rather abruptly demanding we needed a booking when I said we did book and we had checked booking earlier that day he showed us to a table, gave us menus and took and delivered our drinks. He then said he couldnt take our food order and could we leave. His reason was that his kitchen couldnt cope with any more orders. god help them if they had been busy. He was so rude I was happy to leave and never return
Im sure he only did this because I had a living social voucher.
I will NEVER go back to this dirty restaurant again
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Reviewer morpethgirl
Booked a table for 2 at this restaurant as we had a Living Social voucher. On entering the restaurant I was surprised at the cramped entrance and then the poor decor which really needs a revamp.

We were sat at a table by the fire exit and throughout the meal I had a cold draft on my right leg and could hear people presumably kitchen staff chatting outside.

We ordered a half litre of the house white and to be truthful it was quite palatable (we normally drink pinot grigio and this wasn't a bad substitute). The owner then explained the specials of the day, but we decided to stick with the food menu provided.

I ordered the soup (which I was told was minestrone) how disappointed was I? What I actually received was a bowl of very, very watery tomato liquid with diced carrot and potato in it - not a bit of pasta in sight.

For main course I ordered cannelloni which was a bit burnt around the edges but quite tasty. The waitresses were very attentive and helpful throughout our meal topping up our glasses and offering bread and butter etc.

Before leaving, we used the ladies - what can I say? The stairs are very precarious and not for use by anyone with mobility problems. There are 2 toilets only one of which locks, no soap in the dispensers and one hand drier that blows cool air. The decor down there also leaves much to be desired.

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Reviewer Scouse77
Booked a table for 22 ppl on a hen do with groupon voucher! First of all the place is minging! Then we asked if we could buy drinks at bar or have individual bills to make it easier to pay- he refused! Then said we had to drink if we were eating! He then said he wasn't running a charity! Rude, rude, rude man! Drinks were overpriced anyway- £2.95 for blackcurrant and soda? Scandalous! I would never eat here- refuse to give him any money. We felt really sorry for the waitresses working for him. They were very polite and friendly but appeared to be ashamed of the way their boss was treating his customers! We offered a tip just to waitresses only and they refused to take it as they said he puts it back into the business. Don't know where! Minging floor, tables, air vents and wallpaper fallin off walls. If any of the waitresses read this- u deserve to work for someone better! He is a bully!
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Reviewer LC1979
Visit 12/05/2012. Pasta dishes nice. However, paid £4.50 for a pint of fosters lager which was poured from a can!! That's why there's no drink price list on the table. Won't be returning.
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Reviewer delhiboy
booked a table on the 18th feb for me and my girlfriend ,what a friendly welcome ,,, food was lovely and quickly made ,friendly staff ,will definite go back ,couldnt fault the place
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Reviewer leopard_x
i worked at this place for about a month... paid tax on my wages when I'm only 17 and cash in hand.. so he was fiddling. the place is even grubbier than you see in the front, and the owner of the place is the most sleazy pervy man i have ever met. also, i was offered free food on my breaks. did not eat from there once, glad i didn't when i see how many people have been being sick from it! disgusting! so many people complained to me while i was a waitress here and me and the waiter working there told the owner and he just shrugged his shoulders of it. the waiter working there worked there for years and years and eventually got sick of the owner. the place is revolting.
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Reviewer Kennethxxx

We had Groupon voucher and booked for after NUFC game. Service was swift and pleasant. Food arrived quickly and the fillet steaks we had were really really good. We like our steaks cooked differently and each was perfect.

The waitress was attentive and very pleasant as well as being gorgeous!

Kenneth Atkinson
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Reviewer johg2106
Ive just returned from a living social deal for 2 at The Godfather and couldnt fault it! The service was excellent- as was the meal! I would be just as pleased if Id paid full price but the fact that we paid £7 for a 2 course meal for 2 is unbeatable value! I would definitely go again!!
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Reviewer Kennethxxx

Why only 3 stars if it was that good?
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Reviewer johg2106
oops clearly a misprint!!! Definitely worth a visit!
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Reviewer LisaC
Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! I went to the Godfather late Saturday afternoon for my first (and last) visit. We had a table booked for 2, but the restaurant was really busy. We were bundled into a corner next to another couple where there wasn't much room to swing a mouse never mind a cat! Sometimes if they cut their food the wrong way it was landing on our table... The first thing I noticed was that there were no napkins, and myself and my friend were not read the specials that I noticed others were being read. I ordered mushrooms with garlic and tomato, after about a 15min wait the waitress put down my "funghi" (whatever it was). When I glanced down, they were prawns - not mushrooms. I don't need a degree in Italian to know funghi means mushroom. I immediately sent this back as this was not what I ordered, within 10 seconds my mushrooms arrived. If the chef can cook that from scratch in 10 seconds, he should be on tele as a magician. My starter was clay cold, but because I was starving and didn't particularly want to complain further, I just ate it on my plate that had 3 chips in it from possibly being dropped... When the waiter came to collect the plates, he stunk of smoke which he breathed all over me (Just what I want when going out for a meal). I also noticed that the man behind the bar took the rubbish out through the middle of the restaurant whilst people were eating and out of the main door in a big black bin bag, I am sure this is against hygiene standards? The waitresses didn't seem to have much respect for the diners either, as soon as one of them was clocking off she shouted right across the restaurant to say goodbye to her friend! The only reason this restaurant deserves my rating of one star is for the bolognaise pizza I had, it was very nice indeed. Overall I wouldn't go back to this restaurant if they offered me a free meal, and if you need the toilet I suggest you hold it in rather than go to theirs...I couldn't wait to leave!
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Reviewer andyburn1
Dear me. Grubby cutlery, chairs that looked like they had been waterdamaged, crumbs on the table, black tablecloths that probably hid more food than they showed, and the food was just about ok apart from a taste I cant know when the pate hasn't been rinsed properly, and there's that tinge of washingup liquid?

This was our third visit, but no more.
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Reviewer andyburn1
Plate, not pate.
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Reviewer Shuzhan
We visited the Godfather on 11th Oct, using the Groupon voucher, the hygiene at his restaurant was very poor, the table cloth was covered in food from previous customers and the seats were very dirty, I watched the waiter clear the tables from customers when they had left and he just wiped he crumbs on the floor and never changed the table cloth and just set it up again for another customer, he did this with all the tables, I will not be going back to this restaurant and would not recommend this restaurant to anybody.
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Went here Tues 30th Aug 2011. We had a Groupon deal that expired the next day so we were obliged to use it or see it go to waste.

We'd been before, so knew the level of service to expect at 5pm when hardly anyone was in, so we assumed 90 minutes of parking was more than enough to cover the time we'd be in for a starter and main each.

We were the first ones in and got served straight away, our starters came in about 10 mins. Just before we got our starters, a pair of lasses came in, ordered their starters and got theirs about 10 minutes after us. 3 more couples came in over the next half hour as we patiently waited for our pizza.

I did start to worry about 40 mins after our starters arrived that if we didn't get our pizzas soon, we'd have to go back to the car or risk a parking ticket. Especially as the couple that arrived 10 mins after us had been tucking into their mains for 5 minutes.

I asked the elusive waitress when I finally saw her an hour after we'd arrived if we would get our pizzas soon, as our parking was running low, and she said they were just coming. 10 minutes later they came out (i'm sure a very thin pizza like we were getting must take all of 5 mins to cook through), just at the point when we decided we wouldn't have time to eat it and get back to the car. I said that we now had no time to eat it and could we take it away in a box to heat up later.

She seemed annoyed and disappeared through the front door, to come back 5 mins later with some boxes that I assume she procured from a local takeaway, and a further 5 mins passed before we received our boxed pizzas. At this time we were paying the remainder of the bill that wasn't covered by the Groupon (for the drinks) to the very friendly and apologetic bloke at the till, then legged it to the car.

Not a single word of regret or apology was offered by the waitress who had served us.

Reheated pizza back home was poor as expected. Won't go back.
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Reviewer borriss
Ive done the groupon deal a few times now and always had an excellent meal with great discount. Oh how that changed with the godfather, when my partner and i arrived all we heard was a couple complaining to staff about the food. Never the less we thought we would judge our-self. Menu does have a good selection but i thought a touch pricey, they also had a large selection of specials. I ordered the special John Dory my partner a basic pasta dish, no choice on the pasta. After ordering we waited a good 45 minutes but the wait was interesting as yet more people complained about their meals.once the food arrived all i could say is i was shocked. My John Dory was harder than the sole of my shoe and the pasta dish was just mush, i think everything had been on the microwave, not only was the food bad but the plates were all chipped. Out of 10 tables there were 6 complaints including my own. never will i eat there again, especially as i cant stop being sick. terrible meal terrible service.
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Reviewer sean007
PLEASE DONT GO THIS IS A RIP OFF PLACE TO EATWe where at the godfahter today, with our living social coupon. We were charged £58 for 2 starters and 2 mains, MINUS THE £22 for the coupon it came to £36 what a rip off. Both dishes were full of olive oil, actually soaked in it. My partner is in bed now as she was sick in the toilets due to the food and i have a thick layer of olive oil on my tongue yakkk. The meal was shambolic total rip off lamb shank and mash £17.95 your kidding me. With the LS coupon you got £22 off the meal, what the... feck, as the menu did not have any starters for £5 or main meals for £6. never ever again will i go back to that dump again. total nightmare. p.s my partner said the toilets were a nightmare to. really filthy.i would like to say we have eaten in some great resturants in newcastle with quality service and food. The shit father was a nightmare rip off with shite food. Gorodn ramsey needs to get to that place soon.For a restuatrant thats in the middle of newcastle they need to sort it out or yuoll give Newcastle a bad name to eat.1 star no way id have given you -10
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Reviewer sean007
I am that disgusted with the palce i am conpakining to the city council and all the forums on here as the godfather deserves what they serve , Toilet food
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Reviewer Charles1978
Took my girlfriend out for her birthday here yesterday , i used a groupon voucher and we got some discount off the bill which was a great start before we even got in the place and when we did get in the place well...

it was great the staff greeted us nicely and made us feel welcome and comfortable they took us to our table where there was a lit candle and a nicely fanned napkin someone had taken care of the tables which you don't see often these days.

as for the flood the food was great i sent my compliments to the chef and have recommended already my mother and father go their for their anniversary next week.

ill defiantly be going again with my girlfriend and ill probably go with the lads for a quick pizza before we hit the town haha.

honestly tho you should defiantly try this place.
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Reviewer sean007
utter crap, no way... you must work there
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Reviewer steffy123
The Godfather! Well what can I say- don't go here! The service; what a bunch of crazy people; if the hygienes anything to go off, the people serving here are certainly not giving a good impression with their gammy teeth, neither is the so called 'restaurant';the table we were situated on by the faulty towers staff was minging! food slops all over. The food; if you like burnt watery food, full of gristle, tinned 'pek pork' ham on your pizza, maybe it's your thing. I'm no connoisseur of Italian cuisine but it definitely doesn't taste good here!

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Reviewer Hayles80
We visited using a groupon voucher, which basically means you pay £8 for £22 worth of food, which should be very reasonable. Sadly they are obviously aware of this and hence have to find ways to up what you are spending. Myself, my husband and 2 children went and we were told that as it was a Suturday night (only 5.30 though) there would be no half portions for the kids- hence we needed to order full priced meals for a 3 year old and 6 year old!! The food was great, but i was really dissapointed by the overall cost- not worth going with a voucher if you want a family meal with your kids.
On the plus the young staff were lovely, really welcoming.
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Reviewer gr8food
We used a gourmet card here where you buy one starter and one main and get one free on a weekday.
The place looked a little worse for wear however pleasant attentive staff and we were read the specials in addition to the extensive menu.
In error we didn't ask the price of the specials assuming they would be reasonable however £8 a starter and one fish dish at £17.95 was very overpriced for the food that was served.
Pizza's were very oily, I think it was a nut oil because it had an overpowering taste over the pizza. Not pleasant.
We were disappointed and I wouldn't think of going there again. Marcopolo we have always found to be excellent food although service tends to be slower so not good if you have after dinner arrangements.
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grubby little restaurant,over priced and poor quality food.would never eat there again.many more better restaurants within easy walkin distance.dont waste your time or money here
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Reviewer Angel Bear
Went to this restaurant for the 2nd time last night and cannot praise them enough.
The decor is a little old fashioned maybe but certainly not grubby, the food was absolutely heavenly and not overpriced at all.
The staff are very friendly and welcoming, attentive but not in your face.
Well worth the time and money and we will definately be going again
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Reviewer projack1971
I have eaten in the Godfather many times and the food is excellent.I always try the chief specials that the owner tells customers about they are great and I can say they are the best I have tried in Newcastle.The staff are always friendly and you do not have to wait long for a drink or anything else you need unlike some places where you have finished your meal before you get the drink you ordered half way through your meal.The price of the chief specials are not cheap but well worth the money.I have also tried the two course menu for £7.95 and it was good value for money and the food was nice.So a good place to have a meal without the drunks and noise of the Big Market & Key Side.
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Reviewer Anonymous
Food was really tasty when i went there & it was reasonably priced
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This chic contemporary restaurant is sure to deliver a wonderful evening!

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