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Boldon Leisure Park,
Abingdon Way,
NE35 9PB

(01915) 438 644

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Reviewer Louisemcdee
After several bad experiences here when ordering food (slow service and chosen food often unavailable) we had not visited this pub for food for about a year. We decided to give it another try. ..we shouldn't have bothered. We ordered 4 roast dinners. 1/2 hr later we were told that there was only enough for 1 lamb - fair enough but surely this could have been mentioned earlier? After 50 mins we were beginning to worry about missing our film. We asked the lady if she knew how long our meals would be - we were told "not long" although she didn't check. About an hr after ordering we asked a different member of staff, who this time went to check for us and said they would be on their way. I have a feeling we had been forgotten as others who arrived after us were served before. The pub was quite full but not overly busy for a Sunday. However, what we ate of the meal was quite tasty - though we had to leave much of it to get to our film on time. I would eat here again, provided we have enough time to spare. The main annoyance was that we didn't even receive a polite 'sorry for your wait' - hopefully next time we will be kept a little more informed.
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Reviewer Martinstorm
Great fun for the kids, Nice atmosphere and fair proces. We Will definitely go again
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took my niece today and i have never experienced such poor service!! there was only one member of staff in the wacky ware house doing three jobs at once!! serving the main door, serving drinks, and collecting glasses!! there was no where to sit but yet a lot of space where seats could have been put in the party area!! as there was no party on!! and then to top it off when we went to the main bar to get served there was only one person serving and she was really quite rude!! shouted at my sis to get in the Que . which made me decide not to even want a drink cos i did not want to be served by this person, and then to top it off she forgot to give us the crisp we had just paid for, so when we asked for em and she throw them on the bar!! i work in customer service my self and understand a shortage of staff due to hols and sickness can not be helped!! but that was just ridiculous !!! i have never seen any thing like it! would never go again!!
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Reviewer A GALLOW
What A load of shit paid 25 pounds for two mixed grills the food was stone cold both eggs were burnt and time we got new eggs we had eaten our meal (the second lot of eggs were burnt as well) the staff did not seem to care one bit if any one is thinking of going here you would be beter of going over to mcdonalds over the road if that does not apeal to you I think you would be better of geting Your tea out of A bin (yes it is realy that bad)
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Reviewer lozza55
Agree with this review poor service staff not very friendly. went back half hour later to get something that had been left behind only to find that it was still sitting on the table as the staff were just standing behind the bar talking and no tables had been cleared
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By name and nature this compact diamond is the busiest little bar in Newcastle.

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